Hela International

You want to break new ground? Then we are the right partner for you!

You don't want to wait until the world turns faster and develops further? You are looking for new possibilities that can now be implemented? Then come and join us!
As a family business, we approach tasks and challenges not only with heart, but also with mind. Our technologies and our knowledge enable us to go the ways that lead into the future. Our claim is to be extraordinarily efficient and passionate in everything we do through flat hierarchies and proven expertise in the areas of traditional seasonings, exotic flavours and high-performance functional ingredient compounds of active ingredients. Combined with 110 years of experience our way of working makes us not only fast but above all efficient for you as a business partner.
Our crew always goes the extra mile to achieve the best possible result - just contact us!

Mission duration: > 114 years
Explored countries: > 65
Settlements: 10
Appr. turnover: 180 Mio.
Served clients: > 27.000
Product developments per month: > 144
Statuory Food Recalls in 2018: 0
Certificates: > 20. Whatever you need. Ask us.

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